Study Skills 4 Success seminars can be arranged through discussion, on a day that suits you and your students.

Seminar duration

Seminars vary from one and a half hours to three hours duration and are specifically designed to suit each year group and their study skill requirements.

Timing of seminars

Timing of seminars and group size can be discussed in order to facilitate the most effective and beneficial seminar programme and schedule for each year group.

Study Skills 4 Success Seminars to suit you and your students

Study Skills 4 Success Seminars are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of students, year groups and individual schools. One of the many programmes on offer is a short Study Skills 4 Success seminar, duration 1hour 30 minutes to help students prepare for upcoming examinations and assessments.

During the seminar, students are instructed on how to use seminar resources and materials to plan and put into action a comprehensive study and revision schedule.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in inviting me to your school or to discuss and provide you with further information on any aspect of the seminars and programmes I offer.

Seminar Resources

The Chart below shows one of the many resources available to students attending Study Skills 4 Success Seminars.

Subject Revision Chart

The Revision Chart below shows 25 minute revision sessions with a 5 minute break at the end of each session.

Creating a varied approach to subject revision will help keep your concentration and motivation high and prevent procrastination or avoiding the revision of topics. It may be beneficial to begin with a 20-25 minute revision of a topic you have revised before, see (P.E.E.T © Revision Method column, on the Revision Chart below).

Begin the revision (without looking at a previous revision of the topic) by writing in your own words using a mind map, what you can recall on the topic. When finished check the previous revision sheet on the topic to see if you have left out any important points in the new revision page you have just completed. This approach to revision will help you to mentally ‘warm up’ and get you in the ‘mood’ for study.

Alternatively you may begin by revising a subject or topic you like or that is important, for approx. 20-25minutes.

It may also be useful to revise more challenging material or exam topics in the middle section e.g. between 6.00 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. (see Revision Chart below). At this stage you are more likely to be in the ‘flow’ of studying and may handle more challenging revision material better.

It is also important to include a revision of the topics/material you have covered in class each day, in your daily revision schedule.

Class homework given by subject teachers’ may help with your revision of Today’s class topics/material.


Please use the Chart below to fill in session times which are outside of the time frame shown above.