Parents/Guardians can play a significant role in helping their child achieve his/her study and exam goals. Parental/Guardian support and encouragement with setting up the best study conditions and creating regular routines such as meals and study times, should not be underestimated.

Support and encouragement
Parents/Guardians can be their child’s greatest ally. Finding the time just to drop everything and be there for the five-minute chat that helps a child unwind after a long day at school can make all the difference.
Encouraging a child to work towards their goals and acknowledging their achievements and, successes helps to motivate and drive them forward in their studies.

Regular routines
Regular routines such as meals and study times can make it easier for students to get into a regular study habit and maintain a healthy balance between study, rest and time off.

Great study space!
Support in setting up an ideal study/homework area that is well lit, comfortable and free of distractions can be a crucial first step in helping students develop a regular study habit.

Future plans
Simple and supportive conversations between parents/guardians and a child about future plans, can be a powerful motivating factor and instill in them a sense of responsibility to put in the work now. Parents/Guardians can also support further discussion with their child about future college or career plans by becoming familiar with basic information about these courses or careers.