I am passionate about how students learn effectively through the use of study skills techniques and active learning strategies that help them achieve their potential.

Experienced presenter

With over 30 years experience as a secondary teacher in a co-educational setting, I am very aware of the many challenges and academic demands that students encounter during their second-level education. During that time, I have also delivered study skills seminars to students from first to sixth year and gained valuable insight into what motivates and inspires them to study effectively and successfully.


Having completed an MA (Hons) in Applied Psychology and Guidance Counselling (UCC 2014), I can also offer to students my insight and experience of effective study and learning skills that can be applied successfully at second-level and (beyond) third level. For more information onĀ  University College Cork, view the promotional video entitled ‘This is UCC’ here.


I am continually improving and updating my material through continued research into best study and learning practices, techniques, strategies and approaches. This has helped ensure that students attending my seminars have access to the most up-to-date study skill practices and resources for their course studies.